Why I’m Voting Remain

Why I’m Voting Remain

Tomorrow I’ll be voting to remain in the European Union.


I could spend hours giving you lots of facts about why this is the sensible decision but I won’t, you’ve already heard them and ultimately for me this isn’t what it’s about.

I could talk about how a vote for leave is a vote that legitimizes not only the far right but also the right of the conservative party who would take control of the government if they won.


Whilst this may be true, the people I know who are voting leave are rational people making an honest judgment that is sincerely held and I’m proud to call many of them friends.


So why am I voting remain? In the end this is because I believe in a world where your success and journey in life isn’t determined by the passport you were fortunate to be born with.


I believe in a world that when we hear an accent different to ours our question isn’t “where are you from” but “where can we go together”. One in which we work together to solve issues that don’t believe in national borders.


We often hear about how our sovereignty has been diluted, I genuinely don’t think it has been that much. Even if it has I’d rather be a leading figure in a group that can effect change rather than be in complete control of somewhere with less influence.


If pooling sovereignty has led to us being the first generations that have not had to go to war in mainland Europe then it is a price worth paying.


If you feel you are not in control of your own path in life then leaving the EU will not help that. It is up to each an everyone of us as individuals to realise that we can each forge our own path, with hard work, dedication, and persistence. The EU wont stop you from being the best that you can be, only you can do that.


I’m sure if I wake up on Friday morning to hear that we’ve left the EU, in the long term we’ll be ok, I don’t think we’ll fade into the night like Atlantis sinking into the sea, but perception matters. To me a vote for leave says, actually we don’t really want to get involved in the messy business of making the UK a better place.


I was fortunate enough to be born in the UK, I have always believed it to be my duty to help those who didn’t nor have the same fortune in the lottery of life, and I think the best way to effect change in this world is acting as one in the European Union.


Whatever the result on Friday we must all come together and work to solve the challenges that we face both at home and abroad. We cannot let the bitterness of this debate drive a wedge between us. As Jo Cox said “we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us”


I will still continue to work at making this world a better place for us all. I hope you will join me.

Written by Rowan

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